Why Tucker Sharp of MO Loves the Opening of the KCU Medical Center

It has been nearly fifty years since Missouri has opened up a new medical school, so the Show-Me-State is due. That’s why Tucker Sharp of MO was happy to read that the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences just opened its new medical school at its Joplin, MO campus. The medical school will be called the KCU Farber-McIntire campus.


One of the goals of organizers was to have a medical school in Missouri that would focus more on rural health as well as primary care. As anyone who lives in Missouri knows, there is a dearth of physicians and facilities in rural areas of the state. This is not a concern in Missouri, but the entire country as a whole. According to the American Association of Colleges and Osteopathic Medicine, the physician shortage is expected to surpass 50,000 by 2025.


In addition to that, another thing that Joplin and Missouri need is more jobs. Dr. Paula Gregory, the dean of the Joplin campus, has estimated that the new medical school could bring as much as $110 million per year back to the community. School officials have also said that the medical school will add nearly two dozen faculty positions and sixty staff members.


Finally, Tucker Sharp of Joplin, MO is happy that the school will educate local students who want to remain in the region to provide care to residents of Joplin and other communities in MO. There are currently 150 students who have been accepted into the inaugural class, and there are more on the waiting list. The Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences expects to have 600 medical students in total once enough classes have enrolled.