Tucker Sharp of Joplin, MO Explains What the Boomtown Run Is

In 2011, 161 people lost their lives when F5 tornado hit Joplin, MO head on. The hurricane took place a few weeks before the Boomtown Run was supposed to take place. The Boomtown Run is a part of Joplin, MO’s Boomtown Days festival, and the festival includes live music concerts, an auto show, and fireworks.

Because of this, the Boomtown Run has added resonance as the races now commemorate the lives lost in Joplin, MO in 2011. There are several different races that you can participate in, depending on what your level of athleticism is. Tucker Sharp of Joplin, MO encourages you to know your athletic level as it could be dangerous if overexert yourself.

Especially in June. As you probably know, Joplin, MO can get pretty hot in the summer so overexertion does happen. The Boomtown Run includes the marathon, the half-marathon, and the 5K. The course starts and finishes at the intersection of West 8th Street and South Joplin Avenue. The course isn’t easy as there are rolling hills, but the course does pass the Grand Falls waterfall for the runners’ viewing pleasure.

If you are thinking about participating in the run, Tucker Sharp of MO wants you to know that there is a fee and registration fills up pretty quickly. The run will take place in 11 months so you have plenty of time getting into runner’s shape so Tucker Sharp encourages you to get out on the track today.